Bangkok means the city of Angels.
Bangkok is a very diverse city from traditional to ultra modern cultures. It is the capital of Bangkok.
A hip Bangkok would be only the latest in a series of reincarnations this Buddhist city has undergone in the space of a few decades. Over the last 30 years, it has tripled in population and changed completely in form or nature from a drowsy Asian backwater (quite literally: only a few feet above sea level, it's often flooded in monsoon season) to a densely populated, plugged-in metropolis.

Festivals in Bangkok:

Important Festivals - many beautiful and interesting festivals are celebrated all over Bangkok. Some of these interesting festivals are Magha Puja, Songkran and Coronation Day.

Songkran is a water festival celebrating the Thai New Year. It is held at Khao San Road. Visitors who arrive at the venue are greeted with the sprinkling of water and rubbed on the cheeks with sandalwood paste. Slowly though, the festival starts of in right earnest. People throw buckets of water at each other and squirt water pistols at each other.
Soon enough, all the people are drenched to the core and a sort of gentle waterfight starts. It helps, though, that the festival is held at the hottest time of the year, so people don't mind getting wet at all.

Customs and Traditions - the traditional method of greeting people in Thailand is called Wai Prah.Thai people greet eachother by joining their hands and bringing them upwards towards their chin. Along with this, they bend their head forward slightly. This is used instead of a handshake. It is used for welcoming, farewell and to convey respect. However, you should not Wai to everyone. You only do this to people older than you and and to whom you want to show respect. Of course you can do a Wai to the monks regardless of their age.Pollution in Downtown Bangkok Transport problems in downtown Bangkok What is Downtown Bangkok like? Traffic congestion in Downtown Bangkok