How do the floods affect the people in Thailand?

Annika Webb

Monsoon rain is the causes the worst flooding in Thailand. The death toll has reached more than 446 people, 2 people are still missing. 61 provinces has been affected, leaving 800.000 houses damaged, and more than 113.000 people has been evacuated to shelters across the country. New orders of evacuations are ordered every day in Bangkok, the city centre is still not safe. This happened last year in 2011 which was the worst in 50 years.
Methods of flood control:
A dam has a really large capacity, and it usually is only kept partly full. So when it rains really heavily or there is a big snow melt-off, a large amount of water can be captured in the dam and released slowly downstream. If the dam hadn't been there, a huge amount of water could have rushed down the rivers and flooded downstream.

Pumping stations-
Pumping stations control the water amount that comes out the pump & how much goes in.

A long artificial mount made to form the limits and support of a river or a road or railway that controls water.

Flood walls-
The wall are built strong and high that less water can go on land and help less flood.

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