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Pollution has grown 40% over the last 10 years. But there are a lot of dangerous types of pollution, small dust particles that trap themselves in the lungs have nearly halved, since the government encouraged companies to produce cleaner cars that run on fuel known as gasohol, a mixture of petrol and bio fuel made from sugar cane and other plants and introduced higher taxes to lower the number of motorcycles on the street with two-stroke engines.

Even though pedestrians and street workers like Swang wear surgical masks almost as often as sunglasses, the city's reputation for filthy air is gradually evaporating as measures aimed at cutting vehicle emissions and expanding mass transit begin to pay off.
The city has seen a 47 percent decrease in the amount of harmful small dust particles since 1997, according to Bangkok's Pollution Control Department.

The latest data show the Thai capital's air quality comes within limits set by the US, and just slightly higher than standards in the European Union.
While Bangkok's air quality is still worse than that of Asia's cleanest cities, such as Tokyo and Singapore, the fall in pollution levels is getting the Thai capital noticed.
Pie Chart showing why pollution is so bad in Bangkok


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