Tropical Monsoon Climate

The tropical monsoon climate experiences rainfall like that of the tropical rain forest climate, but it is concentrated in the high-sun season like summer. Being located near the equator, the tropical monsoon climate experiences warm temperatures throughout the year.

Where is the climate found?

The monsoon climate is found in the southwest India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Southwestern Africa, French Guiana, and northeast and southeastern Brazil. The monsoon is a seasonal change in wind direction, this means the air moving from ocean towards land. and during the summer the air moving from land toward water. During the winter the change in direction is the difference in the way water and land heat.During the high-sun season, the rains subtropical high creates dry conditions. The monsoon climate of Africa, and South America are located along tradewind coasts.


Like in the tropical rain forest climate the temperatures stay high all year in the monsoon climate.The monsoon climate
have its highest temperature just before rainy period. Once the rainy period starts the clouds block the
solar radiation to reduce monthly temperatures.

These diagrams show how the moonsoon climate is caused.


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By Wiktor Kaczynski