The Human Characteristics of Thailand...

Thais are strange people – their values, their needs, their outlook on life. There are many Thai traits which the people find irritating, but often can’t really explain why. Of course, there are good and bad points to every nationality, and Thais are certainly a very helpful people. For example, you can always rely on a Thai to give up his Sunday off to help you move apartment, or drive you to the airport. They are in general a fun-loving lot, who enjoy a joke as long as it’s not aimed at them. There are however times to have fun, and there are times when a little more decorum and seriousness are perhaps required, in the workplace for instance.

I consider the Thais greatest characteristic to be that of tolerance. Often we foreigners come over here and strut around as though we own the place. We gamble, screw, and get drunk, and they tolerate it and just smile. There aren’t that many countries where this would happen.
Anyone that has been to thailand would know this...
anything else anyone would like to add?
Thai children...
Thai children...

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