Positive Effects
Thailand is one of the main places used as a flim location. Common locations that have been used for forigen flims are: rainforests, beaches, Chinatown, cities, mountains, seas, rivers, cultural and historic sites. Over 200 fliming occurrences were shot in Thailand between 1995 and 1998.
The movie "The Beach" was approved because there was hope the movie would boost the country's image abroad, attract more tourists , and generate revenue for the country. The flim also captured Thailands beautiful beach locations.

Negative Effects
Despite a large number of movies flimed in Thailand, only a few can be used to introduce tourism since most of the movies made did not make reference to Thailand. It is also said that Thailand would make more money in the TV industry instead of the flim industry.

external image 220px-The_Beach_film.jpgThe Beach Flim cover

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