Thailand flood misery continues as scientists say climate change is causing more weather extremes

The most obvious source of the problem is simply an inordinate amount of rain. Rainfall has been heavier than mal throughout the watershed of the Chao Phraya and its tributaries throughout the years. when is the best time to go to Thailand

It’s not just that forests have been felled, either legally or illegally, removing one form of a natural reservoir that helps to slow down run-off. Perhaps even more important is the filling in of the country’s once-vast wetlands which played such a vital role in water storage. Floods affecting the people of Thailand

The rate of sinking of the city has slowed due to government legislation, but the current threat is of the city facing massive inundation from rising sea waters and flood, according to several studies and experts in the Thai capital.

The direct effects of climate change on human settlements in Thailand are floods

and landslides caused by increases in rainfall intensity, rises in sea levels and coastal

storm surges.Settlements along rivers and coastal zones are particularly at risk.
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Will climate change cause more flooding in Thailand?